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Physiotherapy - The Art of Healing.

In my practice at Genesis, our specific aim is: to create a better environment within the body so that it can heal itself and to break the cycle of pain. This does not necessarily involve a long series of treatments, sometimes relief can be obtained in just a few, depending on the issue. At Genesis with our hands-on and holistic approach to wellness, we believe an accurate assessment and diagnosis is essential and the first step in the process of healing. I believe that my previous experience in nursing and psychology prior to my four year training in Physiotherapy, has given me a broader-based set of skills and invaluable experience over the years enabling me to better help my patients. I love my work and seeing the results in a person’s transformation physically and psychologically is a real joy as we work through their treatment together.

Physiotherapy is a partnership of trust and compliance between therapist and client. We want you to understand why we are suggesting a specific treatment and to make you feel comfortable as well as understand your part in the process of healing: what the treatment will achieve and how long or short the time frame for recovery.

Chronic pain is exhausting and affects everyone mentally as well as being physically inhibiting, preventing you from doing many things you are used to doing. So, it is equally important when healing the body to understand the psychology of pain as it can contribute to weariness, depression or other physical and emotional symptoms. The brain/body connection is powerful as our brain controls every part of our body and even when we are cured physically, the memory of pain is still in our brain. Anything we do or experience creates a neural pathway so it is necessary to change that by curing the pain and creating a new sense/memory of positive health and well-being. To understand this better, in our holistic approach we are also able to offer suggestions for lifestyle changes whether it is in weight control, food intake, movement or other activities, all of which help the whole human body thrive and function at optimal level.

Physical movement is important because it is essential to keep the human body mobile. It doesn’t have to be the gym or training for a marathon but it also doesn’t mean sitting at a desk all day or on a couch looking at a screen or driving everywhere in a car. You all know the saying “use it or lose it.” It’s good advice and not a joke. So if your work or your current lifestyle involves a lot of sitting, take it seriously and make a conscious effort to get up and move around. If you are at a desk take a break every thirty minutes or so as it’s good to give your eyes a rest from screen use. Go for a short walk if you can get outside which will refresh your mind as well

as get you moving. Small but important efforts we can all do, that make a difference.

At Genesis we use different therapies or a combination and work with you on the journey to better health. I believe very strongly in manual therapy which may be employed in conjunction with decompression, cupping, dry needling, Polychromatic Light Therapy (PCLT) and other therapies as well as exercises which should be continued at home between sessions. this is where your compliance is required to restore your good health. Future columns will explain the various treatment options available and which conditions they address.

In future articles I will go into more detail of some of the treatments available. Having to suffer severe or chronic pain which affects mood and restricts activity is totally unnecessary. Physiotherapy can assist with recovery from injury as well as age-related stress or mobility issues and regaining independence. Let’s get you moving and back to well-ness.

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