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Functional Physio

Physiotherapy can be utilized for a number of reasons. Although it can be considered “painful” and “uncomfortable” to some, the long term effects and advantages certainly outnumber the myths and false truths of the process.

Physio can not only rid your body of pain and dysfunction, but may also be utilized as a tool for functional bodily maintenance. In many cases persons that are unskilled with gym equipment usage are more susceptible to incurring an injury. Functional physio is a safe means toward achieving your strength, stability, and fitness goals.

It considers your limitations, restrictions, or discomfort and will minimize the opportunity of additional injury.

In a particular case, my longest standing functional physio client has spanned over the course of four years. Initially she was diagnosed with cervical disc herniation and pain radiating down the arm. In addition she was experiencing lower back pain as well. Several weeks of physiotherapy were completed which concluded great results; Less pain and stiffness in both neck and back. Our client not only experienced a positive outcome but also realized that her overall physical abilities were enhanced as well. She felt less contracted, while balance, stability, and strength had improved tremendously. After an honest evaluation of self and lifestyle, she realized that continuing to exercise in the safety of her physiotherapy clinic would be her best form of maintenance.

With the occasional ache or discomfort, she has continued to successfully manage her symptoms with consistency of attendance and maintain a level of strength and stability that allows her to be pain free and stronger.

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