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9 Key Benefits of Physiotherapy. Who & How it Helps?

Updated: Feb 23


Physiotherapy combines profound information on how the body functions and uses medically proven procedures for the assessment & treatment of patients. Other than helping in the treatment/management of various conditions, preventive physiotherapy can help in maintaining the overall wellness of a person. 

Below are some conditions/symptoms where physiotherapy has been proven to help in achieving the best possible results:

1.     Reduces/eliminates pain:  Therapeutic exercises and techniques like Soft Tissue Mobilization or the use of modalities like Ultrasound, Polychromatic Light therapy, Cupping, Dry Needling, and TENS can help relieve pain due to ArthritisTendonitis, Muscle strain/Sprain, etc. and restore normal function. Such therapies can also help in preventing the pain from returning.

2.     Helps to avoid surgery/drugs: While surgery cannot be avoided in some cases, physiotherapy can help by managing pain, restoring function and range of motion, and promoting healing in the earlier stages of an injury. Even if surgery is required Pre and Post Rehabilitation Programs always help to mitigate any complications. Decompression therapy for neck and lower back issues should always be sought before resorting to surgery. Also, healthcare costs are reduced when avoiding surgery. 

3.     Improves overall strength and coordination: Physical therapy sessions usually involve an exercise and stretching component which ultimately helps you in improving the overall strength of your body. Physiotherapy also helps you with reeducation and balance exercises as well as prescribing assistive devices to improve the overall coordination of the body. By providing specific rehabilitation techniques a physiotherapist can help you in reducing and eliminating symptoms like dizziness, poor balance, vertigo, etc. 

4.     Improves Lung Capacity and Cardiovascular Functioning: Physiotherapy helps post-stroke patients in regaining their degree of function, balance, and movement. Special exercise plans can help them relearn their activities of daily living like washing and dressing etc. Special breathing exercises help to restore optimal lung capacity and vibration therapy can improve blood circulation and overall tone of the legs. 

5.     Managing Sports-related Injury: Physical Therapists understand how various sports can increase the risk of certain types of conditions like Golfers Elbow, ACL Tear, Hamstring strain, etc. and they accordingly draft a proper recovery or preventive exercise program to ensure a safe return to your sport. Sports Therapy includes Polychromatic light therapy, ultrasound, cupping, dry needling, hot/cold therapy as well as rehabilitative exercises.

6.     Manage age-related issues: Certain age-related issues like Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Dementia, Knee Replacement, Neck pain, Back pain, etc can easily be treated by Physiotherapy by eliminating pain, restoring normal range of motion, and improving strength and coordination through specific exercises. Aging does not have to be painful and limited mobility does not have to be inevitable with the help of your physiotherapist. The fear of falling often is what limits an older person's desire to be more mobile but this does not have to be the case and can be rehabilitated quite easily in a safe environment. 

7.     Restores normal movement/Improves mobility: If you are having restricted movement due to a Joint fracture, Tennis Elbow, Joint Swelling or Muscle Stiffness physical therapy can help. Proper Stretches and Strengthening exercises can help you to restore your movement to its fullest. There are many modalities available and your physiotherapist will choose the most appropriate one for your particular issues. 

8.     Helps Manage Diabetes and Vascular conditions: Diabetic patients often complain of pain in the Knees, Shoulder, Back, etc due to mismanagement of sugar levels. Diabetic pain management Plans and exercises can help in controlling sugar levels. Physical therapists can help and educate such patients regarding conditions like Diabetic Foot, Diabetic Neuropathy, etc. The cycle of pain limiting movement that then causes stiffness which in turn increases pain can be halted. Polychromatic light therapy has had impressive results in reducing and even eliminating pain due to neuropathy. Neuropathy can also affect your balance increasing your risk of falls, so needs to be addressed promptly. 

9.     Improves Women’s Health: Specific health issues like those related to Pregnancy, Postpartum care, Pelvic pain, etc. can easily be treated with Physiotherapy. Also, Physiotherapy offers treatments for bladder incontinence, Lymphedema due to breast cancer, constipation, fibromyalgia, etc. by a specialist in this field.

There is no need to suffer in silence. Physiotherapy can help with so many conditions and diagnoses that help is just a phone call away.



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