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Genesis Physiotherapy is a local Bahamas physical therapy center committed to providing the best physiotherapy service to our patients. We work closely with health care professionals including doctors, pharmacists, and nurses so we can oversee your condition effectively. Genesis Physiotherapy is dedicated to maintaining, restoring and improving the function and movement of their patients, and maximizing their quality of life.


We offer diagnostic evaluations, cupping therapy, decompression therapy, and manual therapy. We treat car accident injuries, neurological disorders, pregnancy discomfort, spinal conditions, sports injuries and more. We also offer exercise programs, reconditioning and home care. For a full list of conditions we treat and treatments we offer, view Our Services.


Genesis Physiotherapy practices a flexible and holistic approach towards our clients. We treat our patients with one, or multiple services we offer, and complete the session with a focus on patient education in management of the problematic condition. Genesis Physiotherapy strives to return you to your normal life - one without pain.


If you are looking for an accredited Bahamas physical therapist in Nassau, Genesis Physiotherapy is here for you. Please contact us via our contact form or call (242) 356-4806 or (242) 677-1026 for more information.

• Spinal Conditions

• Decompression Therapy

• Manual Therapy

• Postural Dysfunction

• Rehabilitation

• Diagnostic Evaluations

• Falls Prevention

• Migraine Evaluation

• Pain Management

• Personalized Fitness

• Car Accident Injuries

• Sports Injuries

• Pregnancy Discomfort

• Neurological Disorders

• Individual Exercise Programmes

• Reconditioning

• Dry Needling

• Cupping Therapy

• Home Care

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8:00am – 4:00pm

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